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春の高校バレーイメージソング Hey!Say!JUMP Chance To Change
この曲メチャいいんですけどww 歌詞ゎネ~・・・・ だいたい覚えたくらいヵなww.(続きを読む)

洋楽の歌詞を聞き取って頂きたいのですが、CandyのWhatever Happened To Funという...
洋楽の歌詞を聞き取って頂きたいのですが、CandyのWhatever Happened To Funという曲です。→(http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=7rnGbYOJn_I)以下の歌詞の●●●●●の部分が分かりません。もし、その他に間違っている歌詞があったら訂正して下さい。お手数を掛けますがよろしくお願いします。WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FUN The weekend is here again And I've got nothing to do I need something new But no one ever calls Now I've got nowhere to go So I turn on a TV show But nothing good comes on... it never does CHORUS:Whatever Happened To Fun ? (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday) Whatever Happened To Fun ? (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Fun) Whatever happened to you and me? We were gonna be rich and famous We were gonna be so outrageous That no one could hold us apart Now you tell me there's a change in plans And I guess I just made ●●●●● I try to act like I understand But I don't at all CHORUS Whatever happened to you ? Whatever happened to dreams ? Nobody wants to be young anymore No one wants to have any fun anymore Whatever happened to innocence ? Whatever happened to real romance ? What the hell happened to us? Whatever happened to fun ? CHORUS Whatever happened to all those things that we used to do ? Whatever happened to me and you ? I never wanted to see you cry I wish you'd never left me, why? (I wanna know) You teared it down (I wanna know) And I never hurt (I wanna know) Whatever happened to not harm anyone? I look at you, still so much more That can't be ●●●●●Whatever happened to yesterday ? Oh, does it seem so far away (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Fun)(http://www.belrose.blogger.com.br/2003_03_09_archive.html)(続きを読む)